Udzungwa National Park

Udzungwa is the most significant example of the natural world of the Eastern Arc Mountains that run in a chain through the whole of Tanzania.  The forest makes Udzungwa unique in East Africa, and there is no other place with unbroken series of wood stretching from an altitude of 250 meters up to more than 2000 meters.

Why Visit Udzungwa National Park

  • Closeness to nature – thank the excellent hiking facilities
  • Superb scenery – Sanje waterfall and mountain
  • A paradise for nature-loving tourists specializing in birds, plants or butterflies
  • Some monkey and bird species endemic to the Udzungwa Mountains
  • Diverse forest environments with a host of exceptional flora and fauna details
  • A feeling of solitude, as there are very few visitors

What to Do:

  • Guided hiking along the trails

Getting There:

  • Quite easily accessible, arrival by road from Dar es Salaam

Best Time to Visit:

  • Dry season June – October and a wet season from November – May
  • Trekking route may be challenging during the period of the heaviest rain in March and May