Common Safari Activities

Game Drives

An adventure that entails viewing wildlife in the comfortable 4×4 safari vehicle. Game drives are usually conducted in the early mornings, late afternoon or at night since these are the most relaxed times when most animals are more active.

Boat Safari

Viewing the extraordinary array of animals, birds, plants and scenery that Africa offers – from a boat using a small motorboat.  You can lie back, admire the view and take as many photos as you desire.

Balloon Safari

Conducted primarily on Serengeti and begins between 6 am and lasts for around 1-2 hours. You will be likely to witness herds of wildebeest, towers of giraffe, or a astonish of zebra running across the plains of Africa. Combine breathtaking aerial views with a spectacular sunrise, and you are close to imagining the splendour of a balloon safari. A champagne breakfast follows the safari in the bush, a fitting end to your memorable flight in the wild.

Walking Safaris

A walking safari is an adventurous activity where guests embark on slow-paced, guided walks led by experienced and professional Safari guides through a rich wildlife area. Safety is not an issue – armed and trained game rangers accompany all walks.

Walking safari is a fantastic way to experience more about the Selous Bushes. Although you may see wildlife during the walk, the focus is also on the animals’ habitat, insects, trees, and birdlife. You will have an exciting and fantastic experience walking within such a vast area of the natural reserve – an experience which very few places in Africa can offer!

Bird Walk

Bird Walking is an adventurous safari that involves observing and studying different birds’ species in their natural habitat. Together with your passionate birding specialist safari guide will help you know how to recognise and name bird species by sight, sound and habitat.


A sundowner is simply a ‘happy hour’ during sunset over the African bush as you round off your afternoon adventure, your game drive. A selection of drinks, cocktails and delicious bites served against the unforgettable backdrop of the African sunset.

Cultural safaris

A cultural safari consists of several days staying in local guesthouses, eating local ethnic food, and absorbing the people who have lived in the area for years. Each day is usually spending trekking and visiting farms, houses and local project.