Accommodation Categories

Public campsites

Nearly all national parks and reserves set aside areas for public camping. Campsites often occupy prime positions, hanging above a landscape or enveloped by wildlife. They are the most primitive and limited of safari’s accommodation options.

The public campsites provide necessary washroom facilities, including shared toilets, shower, and dining areas of reasonable hygienic standards.


Lodges are larger permanent structures, a longstanding accommodation that occupies a prime spot in the landscape built of brick and mortar. Lodges are more minor than hotels but have the same full amenities and similar facilities such as restaurants, en-suite bathrooms, swimming pools, hot showers, western toilets, mirrors, and thick bathrobes.

They are an excellent option for first-time safari-goers who are nervous about sleeping close to wild animals, as you have four solid walls around you.

Tented Camps

Safari tented camps are large, comfortable and big enough to walk around in canvas tents set up on permanent frames. The majority have connecting bathrooms and flush loos and typically have central dining and bar areas, and some even have swimming pools.

The tented camps target to provide all the comforts of a lodge while giving guests a more little, intimate, tented yet luxurious safari experience.

Mobile camps

A mobile tented camp is a camping style expedition where tents are set up for you in remote, beautiful settings and in areas to maximise game viewing. They are roaming camps and varies from simple vault tents to luxurious, classic styled safari tents. These small, intimate camps move around, following herds of migratory animals — mobile bases typically constructed as semi-permanent camps in the open bush.